About me:

Andrea Ippolito
Andrea IppolitoConsulente in Digital Marketing
40 years old, from Italy.

I live in Diano Castello, a small medieval village in the Gulf of Diano Marina, in Italian Riviera, and during the year I move in London and Tenerife with my family.

15 years of experience in Digital Marketing Management.

I am Co-founder and CEO of  Blix.it.

Since October 2012 I am president of Open Sport project for the development of tourism through outdoor sport and I’m co-organizer of Windfestival, the largest Italian event dedicated to the sport of sea and wind like windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle, wakeboard.

Telephone contact:

Mobile: +39.347.76.40.506
Ufficio: 0183.40.68.55 –
Fax: 0183.80.99.06

Tenerife Spain:
Mobile: +34.642.881.036

Social contact:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ippolitoandrea
Msn: andrea.ippolito@blix.it
Skype: blix.it
Twitter: http://twitter.com/andreaippolito
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/ippolitoandrea/en




Blix.it – Internet per Imprese Turistiche
Sede Legale: Viale Kennedy, 62 18013 Diano Marina (IM)
Sede Operativa: Via Berio, 22 18100 Imperia